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One of the reasons why we decided on the Rimba Jimbaran back in Easter was because it had access to the Ayana facilities as well which means access to LOTS of pools and dining options. Not that the Rimba does not already have enough pools as it is (it has 6!), but no one has ever complained about too many pools (10 in total!). Besides who knows how crowded it will be over Easter? So in order to make the most of our stay, we went pool hopping looking for the best places to chill. Here is our conclusion:

Best for chilling and reading by the pool side: Three Monkeys at the Rimba

The Three Monkey Pool, Rimba Jimbaran

Yes, those are the legendary three monkeys!

This was the first pool we encountered at the resort, and ironically turned out to be our favourite (and the last one we ended up in). While there isn’t any particularly special feature to the pool, there is a magically tranquil and peaceful atmosphere to it that makes it perfect for chilling and reading. When we were there, there were only a handful of people at any given time and it was relatively quiet compared to the other pools (there’s just something in the air!).

The Three Monkey Pool, Rimba Jimbaran

We spent our last morning there (on these super comfortable lounge chairs under the shade), just chilling and reading, occasionally taking a dip when it got too hot (can you see how crystal clear the water is?). It was absolutely perfect and we could’ve stayed there all day!

Most amazing view: Ocean Beach Pool at the Ayana

Ocean Beach Pool at the Ayana

This is hands down the pool with the most amazing view. Located on the cliffs, this infinity pool is literally right next to the ocean. If you look down, you can see the waves crashing against the cliff. And if you time it right you can even see the sunset from here! I can just lie there and stare into the ocean all day… unfortunately we were not the only ones who thought so. By the time we got there around noon (it is quite a trek to get down to the cliffs!), it was already packed – and no one looked like they were going to move anytime soon!

The pool itself, sandwiched between the infamous Rock Bar and the Kisik restaurant, is actually very small and the water somewhat murky. Also because of the cliff, it does not get much sunlight earlier on in the day. I reckon that the best time to enjoy the pool is probably around sunset. That is if you are lucky enough to snag a place then. Come early!

For those who came down via the side of the Kisik, leave via the Rock Bar. There is an elevator that takes you up back to the main pool area!

HOT TIP: The best place to catch the sunset by the ocean at the Ayana is probably the Kisik Restaurant. But it gets packed fast. So book a place for dinner around the time of sunset on ARRIVAL at the resort (or earlier!). We tried to book on the day but was unsuccessful. In fact, book ALL your restaurants. You would think that it is a hotel and there will definitely be space. But it gets booked our very early on, and they are very stringent about it. One night we ended up sitting at the bar, even though there were a lot of empty tables around!

Most Atmospheric: Infitnity Edges Pool/Main Pool at the Ayana

Infinity Edged Pool/ Main Pool, Ayana

The good thing about the main pool at the Ayana is that it is an infinity pool with an ocean view AND it is much larger than the Ocean Beach Pool. My favourite thing about this pool though is the live traditional Balinese music they play on the side. It makes for the best lullaby for a nap. Sometimes I still dream about it…

On the other hand, this pool is also a very popular pool. Children are allowed, and they let them jump into the pool even though it says clearly that it is not allowed. But I guess children will be children. At least they are family friendly? Oh and the pool water at the Ayana in general is most definitely murkier than at the Rimba. I’m not sure if it is because there is more people here, or because the Rimba has a newer filter system.

But anyway, this is another pool which you need to come early to snag a place for!

 Most privacy: Cabana Pool at the RimbaThe Cabana Pool at the Rimba

A relatively quiet and good sized pool. For those who want extra privacy and are super shy of the sun, they have these very cool niche/cabanas on the side under the Upper Pool for you to relax in.


Each one is designed to be super comfy and welcoming. The only potential downside is that it is a bit too much in the shade, so you cannot see the sky and it makes us think that this is where the mosquitos are hiding.

Most fun: Lower pool at the Rimba


This is the main pool of the Rimba and it is super family friendly. It is huge, there is a water bar for food/drinks under the bridge, there are half submerged lounge chairs in the pool, it is very sunny and….


… there is a waterslide! Who doesn’t love waterslides? My only complaint is that I think the turn is a bit too sharp, and during my two times down the slide I inevitably hit my head/arm trying to complete the turn.

Best for tanning: Upper Pool at the Rimba

Upper Pool at the Rimba

As the name implies this pool is located in the upper areas of the Rimba, so it generally gets a lot of sunlight. But what makes it best for tanning is the row of half submerged lounge chairs they have in the pool, which lets you tan without ever getting too hot! Genius! Of course I am hypothizing all this because I am of that camp that one should avoid the sun whenever possible.

More pictures of the Rimba Jimbaran/ Ayana Resort:

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NOTE: This list does not include the Kubu beach, the River Pool and the Children’s pool at the Ayana, and the Lagoon pool at the Rimba, as we never made it there. Pool hopping is tiring business.

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Rimba Jimbaran Bali by Ayana

Address: Karang Mas Estate, Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera Jimbaran, Bali 80364, Indonesia

Telephone: +62 (361) 8468468

Website: http://www.rimbajimbaran.com/en/home

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