Back to fashion, Karl Lagerfeld also came out with a gorgeous collection . I didn’t get his bicycle pants, feathers and fringes, but I get this return to the classics.


The collection was quintessentially Chanel, focusing on black and white, with a sprinkle of baby pink and green (to match the featured emerald colored jewelry). It featured cute ruffle sleeves that amazingly didn’t appear childish or anime-like at all. It was the perfect feminine touch to the austere black, very tailored, background. The baby pink was girly and cute. There was something there for Chanel lovers of all ages.


There were even eye candies on the runway. Dressed in handsome long black coats and what looks to be a cravat- they look like they stepped right out of a regency romance! I especially have my eye on Baptiste Giabiconi (above). Tall, dark and handsome anyone? *swoon*

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