I haven’t been paying much attention to Stella McCartney the pass few seasons, because her “sportier” sensibility didn’t go too well with my innate girliness and aversion to sports. But this season, Stella is back and the magic ingredient seems to be a pinch of tulle/lace.


There were the regular effortlessly cool jumpsuit dresses and boyfriend blazers that were pure Stella, and then there were the gorgeous tulle dresses that were just genius. Yes, Lily Donaldson’s slip dress does look a bit like a negligee, but that is nothing a good leather jacket cannot fix (think of the sharp contrast!). I’m loving the simple design, overlaying tulle and the vibrant green. The evening dress (far right) is also genius. It is revealing, but not quite because of the tulle. I’m not sure how a regular girl is going to wear that see through skirt part, but the concept is refreshing and fun.

Image Source: Style.com