I’ve been your fateful follower ever since I stepped into my very first pair of  Miu Miu’s. There is just something so magical about the right shoes that completely transforms an outfit into something fabulous and brings a smile to my face. Like the golden reef on your head, I can wear them everyday and people will never wonder if I ever clean them (unlike wearing the same apparel everyday). FYI though, I do clean my shoes and use Apple Gardes to shield them as much as possible from the harsh pavements of Chicago. I spend quality time with them at home too, doing fun things like girly chats, impromptu fashion shows and photoshoots. The photos are archived in my laptop under the file, “Shoe Collection.” In my free time, I research shoes on sites like Shopbop and Saks.com, to make sure that I’m up to date with the latest shoe sermons.

Clearly I am a devout follower of shoes. So why, oh mighty Goddess of Shoes, why am I not in NYC right now, at the Mecca of shoe worship- the Christian Louboutin sample sale? Why am I not one of the few select fashion editors and friends on the list? What must I do to gain that coveted place in your heart to be allowed entry? Please give me a sign!

Yours Faithfully,