I’m sure some of you have read my many rants about how none of the froyo in Hong Kong tastes right. By right, I mean like the ones in the States. After trying out most of them, I concluded that it must not be because they aren’t capable of making froyo that taste exactly the same as Pink Berry but because after extensive market research they found that Hong Kong people simply like sweet and milky tasting froyo more.

Indeed, I consulted with my friend Leo who happens to be a froyo expert, and he confirmed my suspicions. He explained that the tart and refreshing taste we’re all so used to in the States is due to citric acid, which is not found in regular supermarket yoghurt (not unless you keep it a few days past expiration date, in which case lactic acid will develop and make it taste sour). He suspects that these places use a higher ratio of milk solids and sugar to water than in the States, which usually produces smaller ice crystals and gives a more creamy mouthfeel and milky taste.

I had my hopes up that I can get Red Mango with a quick visit to S Korea, but I have it on good authority that it is no longer “the trend” anymore and so they’re not there anymore. I guess I’ll just have to adapt. 

For readers in L.A. do drop by Blanc at Beverly Hills and give it a try.  I have it on good authority that they try to keep everything as natural as possibl, and the owner is super cute!