When I departed Chicago, I had to throw you guys out to save space for my Hunter boots and Grace sandals. But please know that you have not been forgotten and that I will always remember you all fondly.
C Label Gold Flats (top left): I fell in love with you as soon as I saw you at Bloomingdales and had to immediately take you home. That was how  my journey with C Label started, leading me to make the acquaintance of Chaz Vasquez. Like the prized possession that you were, I was careful at first and kept you in your original box most of the time in fear that your intricately woven sequins will fall off. But I eventually got over that fear, and took you out into sunlight more frequently. But alas, in the end the weave  at the tip started to unwind and it just wasn’t practical anymore to wear shoes with a gaping hole out in public. Out of sentimental reasons I kept you in my closet. But I hope you understand why I can’t bring you the extra thousand miles home with me.

Grey Ankle Boots (top right): You were my “prize” from my Paris study abroad trip. I remember stalking you at Bon Marche and the many hours I spent thinking about you before I finally made the purchase (with tax refund!). Back then, ankle boots were just starting to get popular and it was quite an adventurous buy for me. But I loved your unique color and the folded over detail. Since then though, I’ve realized that you’re actually not that comfortable at all (a little cushioning at the foot wouldn’t go amiss) and that your uniqueness stands out just a bit too much amongst my wardrobe. Between the choice of my very similar looking black suede folded ankle boots that I wore for almost a whole winter and you, I hope you understand why I left you behind. We’ll always have Paris.

Burberry Denim Flats (bottom left): To be frank, I didn’t like you much at first. But you were a quick alternative that day, when my mom and I were shopping around Alexander House, to the shoes that were giving me so much pain. I don’t remember which ones they were, but in comparison, you were much more comfortable, practical and versatile. Since then, our relationship blossomed and I took you with me everywhere. You were sturdy too, staying with me well after college. I remember one particular night when I walked home from work in the midst of a heavy rain storm and I walked you right into a huge deep puddle. You were soaked. But you were a trooper, and in the end literally half your soles were gone and I was wearing into the fabric. I would’ve made a hole if you weren’t so well made! I think  I walk weird and ruin my shoes. I really need to go to walking school and learn how to walk properly, so that I don’t hurt anymore poor soles!

Miu Miu Beaded Flats: You’re the youngest of the shoes here, and I want you to know that you are gorgeous and I adored you even though you were incredibly delicate. The outermost bead came loose when I climbed out of a cab, and I spent a considerable amount of time continuously superglue-ing it back on and trying to figure out the wirings. Eventually I figured it out  and all was well… except that it hurts like hell. The back of the shoe scrunches, and since it is made of hard patent leather……. it is not friendly on the heels! I thought I “broke” into you when by the end of summer it didn’t hurt me to wear you anymore. But it turns out that my heels had just toughened up against you. By next spring, you were hurting me again. I hope you understand why I had to get out of this abusive relationship. On the bright side, I will always think of you whenever I see a pair of shoes that scrunch at the back and wonder just how painful they are.

Goodbye and farewell my dearests!