This time around, I got to explore the sweet spots of Sydney.

The first stop was Cupcakes on Pitt. Since the cupcake craze hit, you can see this store all over the city. I went to the original store on Pitt Street, and frankly, I would’ve missed it if my friend wasn’t showing me the way. Though I don’t doubt its popularity as the two girls in front of us ordered over $200AUD worth of cake.

I ended up with the following flavors: vanilla, lemon, meringue, butterscotch, cookies and cream and sticky date. I didn’t eat all of them myself, but I did especially enjoyed the novelty of the lemon meringue flavor. Though the cake itself was nothing special. In fact it was a bit dry. Oh how I miss Crumbs!

Wandering around the Rocks and curious about the huge line outside, I stopped by the Le Renaissance Patisserie on Argyle Street to have a look as well.

Turns out it is a little shop of yummy French delicacies.

I left with 2 different chocolate creations, a mille feuille, a creme brulee, a lemon tart and a fruit tart. I definitely wouldn’t mind frequenting one of these if I have one nearby. I can try one choice each day of the week! In the end, I only managed to try the mille feuille, which wasn’t too bad. Maybe a bit too sweet.

But then, it is a hard to beat dessert for me. Ever since I fell in love with the mille feuille at the Cafe de la Paix in Paris last month, nothing quite compares.