I’ve been busy with a new beginning in the last few weeks. Now that I finally have a moment to catch up on my me time, I wanted to share with everyone something new that I learnt last night from my Canadian friend- a professional flirt/partygoer.

Apparently, in the States/Canada when a guy whom you’re not interested in asks for your number and you don’t know how to say no, there is a rejection hotline number you can give them to let them know. When they call the number, they will receive an automated message saying that they have not reached the intended person and that they’ve been rejected.

I was amazed by the genius of the idea! Turns out, this has been around since the early 2000’s and has grown into a whole Humor Hotline business since. Obviously I’ve been living under a rock. My only question is, how does one go about memorizing all these numbers to give out? You’d think that you’d know what your own number is without having to look it up!

To budding entrepreneurs in Asia, we can really use one of these in Hong Kong.