Ever since this summer I’ve been trying to look for the right shade of taupe. There’s just something so refreshing but elegant about it.

When I saw Lady Gaga’s fingers on the recent cover of Vanity Fair, I knew that it is the color I want. A quick flick to the contents page revealed that her nails were done by Deborah Lippmann. But alas, the Deborah Lippmann counter at Joyce Beauty in Hong Kong didn’t have a shade that was close!

So I went to Cher2 looking for something similar. But unfortunately, when it comes to color description, I’m at loss for words. I wanted something…. greyish. And so I  came home with the Playa del Platinum. After 2 days though, I had to wash it off. It was simply too gray. But it must be something with the lighting at the store, because I picked up the same shade the second time I went! Luckily I did some homework the second time around and finally found the right shade of taupe. Jazz is exactly what I wanted! In case anyone else is looking for the “right” shade, you might want to try this one.

Image Source: Vanity Fair and Essie