Remember my poor Sandro belt? Well I loved its style and versatility so much that I actually went to great lengths to fix it. My tailor said they don’t supply hardhare. So I sourced a buckle from a shop in Sham Shui Po (a manufacturing district in Hong Kong). Only 1 out of the 3 I got actually fit. I took it back to my tailor to have it fitted. She then directed me to a leather craftsman down the street, who forgot about my belt a week later when I went to pick it up. 1 MONTH later, I finally had a functioning belt again!


Except it doesn’t really function. Whoever designed the buckle did an exceedingly poor job. The belt loosens whenever I sit down, and the buckle unbuckles itself. I thought I could be careful and live with it. Then one day, as I was seeing a client out the door after a meeting, the belt fell to the floor….. I have not used that belt since.