In the handful of times I’ve been to Topshop (in London, Singapore and New York), I’ve never been able to buy anything. As I’ve mentioned before, things just don’t look that great in reality and  seemed costly for the price point. Well, either they have improved in design and quality in the last few years or my perspective on things have changed (could it be that I’ve finally developed talent for finding the needle in the haysack?), because I’ve just had the biggest shopping spree there, and I love everything I’ve bought!

I only went in because Topshop just seems like one of those London landmarks that one should always stop by when they visit,like Barneys in New York. But then I saw the navy blue puffy skirt and fell in love. It is exactly the style I’ve been looking for (except in white) and the ribbed material is just excellent. It gives the skirt structure and doesn’t crease! Next I saw  the white Chanel-esque cardigan, and knew it was the perfect match for the skirt (and for many other things). Then I came across the black lace top, which reminded me of the nude/black lace skirt I have at home. Naturally I had to unite them. It also happens that this completes the blue skirt and white cardigan outfit!

Then of course there is the navy blue ribbed peplum dress. Ever since I saw the Alice + Olivia peplum dress (and bought it, though had to return it because it was so skin tight), I’ve wanted one. And this one is in an elegant navy blue color, and  is also in the sturdy stretchy ribbed material of the navy blue skirt, so it  is not so tight and thin that you can see my underwear. And compared to what Alice + Olivia is charging… this was a no brainer. I just had to decide how many sizes to go up to be more comfortable (the answer is 2). I even bought one of those blue triangle necklaces to match it (though I can’t find a picture for it)!

Next up is the bejeweled collar black top. How awesome will this look with skinny jeans and heels? It is the perfect top for a night out with friends! And jeweled collar IS the thing nowadays… I’m showed a lot of restrain already not buying the white top with the pearl jeweled collar!

Lastly there is the white boyfriend blazer. It was initially discarded in favour of the white Chanel-esque cardigan. But then I was standing in line at check out and looking at it, and it struck me how nice and versatile it is. A white blazer has always been a summer essential for me, and I am due for a new one. This one was relatively cheap (compared to the Tibi one I was eyeing, but has already sold out), the material is comfortable and easy to wear and the fit is pretty decent! And so just in the nick of time, I grabbed it too!

All in all, a very satisfying spree! I am just sad they don’t have the yellow shift dress I was also eyeing at the Knightsbridge store (and I’m leaving soon, so won’t have time to go back to Oxford Circus for it). It would’ve been a nice color to add to my work wardrobe!

Photo credits: Topshop