I’ve been loving the solid Kotur clutches ever since I spotted them at Harvey Nichols a year or so ago. They just look so fun and refreshing compared to the regular Chanel 2.55 that everyone wears on an evening out (here in Hong Kong anyway)! Best of all, they are actually quite affordable after sale (around US$150 -200).

I got my first Kotur earlier this year – the mauve espey sequin star (third from the left). Stars are not my favourite pattern (a little too primary school), but I like to think that one cannot see the stars from a distance in the evening anyway, since they’d be too dazzled by the sparkles! Thus far, it has been oodles of fun to use on a night out! Though I must admit, purple and red is a tad bit difficult to match with outfits.


So when I saw the gold Morley Zebra linen clutch a few months ago, I knew I had to have it! The zebra print is fun but not too bold, and I’ve identified gold as the missing color in my evening bag collection (along with something bright… like bright red or pink, but that is for another day). I finally picked it up last Friday, when they went on final sale. I was excited to use it immediately!

Unfortunately, in my excitement to find out how much I can fit in there (my iphone and camera maybe?), I may have nudged the gold stone clasp on top in the wrong direction… and the whole clasp just fell off!! I tried stuffing it back on, but obviously that did not work. Naturally I was upset. This is just not supposed to happen to a clutch that normally retails for US$395!!!! To give them credit, I emailed Kotur about this problem and they immediately offered to come pick it up and help me fix it (they’re based in HK!). But I don’t think it was so much as that bag in particular, as much as the laws of nature. 2 nails simply cannot hold such a big clasp onto linen and whatever else the clutch is made of, especially when pressure is expected to be exerted on it. In the end, I returned it and am now back on the market for a gold evening bag.

I’ve not completely given up on Kotur just yet though. They are still affordable and fun to use. Just be sure to buy on sale, and bear in mind the laws of nature when selecting the style!

Image source: Kotur