No matter how many broken belts and shedding capes Sandro throws at me, somehow I still cannot resist it whenever I go back to Paris. This time in particular, because it was mid-July and it was on SALE and everything was 50% off! And unlike in London, they actually have a lot of stock left in all sorts of sizes. Plus a cheap Euro and tax back, who can resist??

I had limited time at the store (I had a flight to catch), and the first thing that caught my eye was this retro floral dress (officially called the radio dress). At first glance, it looked a bit old fashion. The print looked like it belonged on curtains. But then, upon closer examination it was actually quite cool and awesome. The style is simple and easy to wear, and the design is actually quite trendy! Just look how sexy the back is!

Along with the bold black outlines, it gives the dress an unexpected modern edge that makes it oh-so-trendy. This is definitely a statement piece, and I was sold.

Just to share with you every detail of my thought process, they also had this print on a classic strapless dress, which is much more girly and feminine. But it was way too formal, and I have no garden party to attend. My dress is clearly superior. And I’ve had many compliments on it since! Mostly from my family so far. Apparently big floral colorful prints are huge for the older Chinese generation.

Moving along, I’ve been actively looking for a white mini skirt for a while (ever since I got this lovely yellow DVF silk blouse, which would look lovely with a white mini). You’d think something so basic would be easy to find, but it is NOT. First, the material has to be good, so I won’t have to worry about it being see-through. Then it has to be well tailored (and not too casual/jersey like or too tight like I was going to a club). So when I spotted this Joyeuse skirt in white at Sandro, I knew I’d finally found it. While my colleague did comment the other day that the material looked like a blanket (seriously, men), so far I’m loving it! It is super versatile, and looks perfect with my yellow DVF blouse.

Image Source: Sandro